Causes and Treatments of Pain After Sex

The occurrence of Cramps After Sex is common among the men folk. It occurs mostly due to a sudden change in the body’s hormones, which are mainly caused due to hormonal imbalances that happen to most of the males at some stage in their life. Most of these occur during the later stages of puberty, when there is a sudden surge in the body’s testosterone, which causes the muscles in the genital area to contract rapidly. But apart from these, sometimes due to some other medical reason, the cramps can also occur during the sexual intercourse. Though these are quite common, but still it needs to be discussed that why do they occur and what are the remedies for the same.

According to las vegas call girls, one of the main reasons that lead to the Cramps After Sex happens when there is a change in the urinary tract. There are many urinary tract infections which can affect the sexual organs. So whenever there is any change in the urinary tract, like if one is suffering from a urinary tract infection, then there is definitely a chance of there being an involuntary contraction of the muscles in the penis. These sudden and involuntary contracts cause a lot of pain. These Cramps After Sex Causes and Treatments can easily be avoided by having a regular visit to the toilet during the sexual intercourse.

The next Cramps After Sex Causes and Treatments is the excessive loss of semen during ejaculation. When the semen is lost from the male during ejaculation there is a sudden loss of pleasure in the sexual activity. This can occur because of several reasons like the excessive loss of blood during exercise, over excitement or due to the side effects of certain medicines. Men are advised to carry out a regular exercise routine so that there is always a balance in their body, this helps to reduce the pain that occurs when there is a sudden drop out of semen during sexual intercourse. Over excitement can also occur when there is a change in the hormone levels, which can cause a change in the mood of the person.

The third Cramps After Sex Causes and Treatments is the problem of numbness in the penis. Numbness in the penis is very common, it is caused due to various factors like the varicose veins that can form around the penis. Blood flow becomes difficult and the sensation of pain becomes unbearable, this can even happen at the time of sexual arousal. Varicose Veins does not allow blood to flow through the veins in the penis, so during this time it gets swollen due to excessive blood flow. Blood that is not being drained out due to the varicose veins might burn and there is a chance of causing severe pain.

There is also another type of Pain After Sex Causes and Treatments, which happens due to lack of grip during sexual act. This problem occurs because of the lack of lubrication in the penis. Lubrication prevents the friction between the penis and the vagina during sexual act and creates a better opportunity for the pain to occur. So, oiling the penis up a bit and using lubricant during sexual act would help in relieving the pain that one may feel due to the tight grip during penetration.

Soreness or hardness in the male organ due to lack of sexual activity can also be treated with medicines like Viagra Plus pills. These pills contain ingredients that help in improving the functioning of body tissues, cells, hormones and muscles. It also enhances the mental and physical health of an individual by increasing his sexual desire and stamina, improving his strength and muscle power, and increase his sensation sensitivity. So, if you are feeling any pain or discomfort while performing your sexual act, then try Viagra Plus pills and experience a pleasant and satisfying sex life with call girls in las vegas.